The Ultimate Cheat Sheet on APOFRAXEIS PEIRAIAS

Stop tossing money down the drain with these quick, cost-effective methods to flush out your pipes.

It's suggested to deep tidy your kitchen, bathroom and laundry sinks as soon as a month, as hiding down in the drain is an accumulation of soap scum, food scraps, hair, and other particles breeding nasty germs.

Overlooking the concern will not just trigger a nose-pinching smell however severe obstructions ΑΠΟΦΡΑΞΗ ΠΕΙΡΑΙΑΣ will require pricey pipes repair work.

If that's not enough to get you running to clean up the kitchen area sink or laundry sink, consider the truth that these drains pipes are centimetres far from where you wash food, bath the kids, and soak your clothing.

Never fear, as these fast tips will help you unclog the most stubborn of blockages, leaving your drains free streaming and smelling fresh once again.

And better yet, youΑΠΟΦΡΑΞΕΙΣ ΠΕΙΡΑΙΑΣ likely already have the 2 cleaning products you need sitting in your pantry!

Action 1: Use baking soda to clean drains pipes

Start to clean your drains pipes with a cup filled with baking soda-- a cheap multipurpose item found in your local supermarket. Idea the contents into the drain, and sprinkle a little across the drain internet or detachable strainer.

Step 2: Microwave 1 cup ΑΠΟΦΡΑΞΕΙΣ ΠΕΙΡΑΙΑΣ ΣΥΝΕΡΓΕΙΑ of vinegar


Location a cup of white vinegar into the microwave for 2 minutes (the added reward with this step is the steam from the vinegar will all at once clean your microwave, simply needing a fast clean down after).

Action 3: Put vinegar down the drain

Pour the heated vinegar down the drain. This will cause an instant reaction with the baking soda, producing a bubbling result.

Step 4: Leave for 5 mins

Leave this for 5 minutes, giving the products lots of time to do their thing and clean up your drains pipes.

Step 5: Run warm water for 30 secs

Finally, turn on your tap to flush out your drains pipes with warm water. Let this run for 30 seconds.

It's that easy! The very same items can also be used on stainless-steel plugs or the removable drain strainer, to bring back their sparkle.